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About Herb

Herb Sorensen

Herb Sorensen, Ph.D. is a pre-eminent authority on observing and measuring shopping behavior and attitudes. He is the Global Scientific Advisor, TNS Global Retail & Shopper Practice, serving Fortune 100 retailers and consumer packaged goods manufacturers throughout the world for over 35 years. Herb consults with brands and retailers, speaks internationally to companies and groups, and writes a monthly blog.

Dr. Sorensen, Ph.D. biochemist, looks at consumer behavior from a scientific viewpoint but clearly explains the impact for the bottom line of merchants. Dr. Sorensen and Paco Underhill have been called the "Yin and Yang" of observational research. Dr. Sorensen's unique perspective, based on tracking millions of shopping trips throughout the world is the subject of Inside The Mind of the Shopper published by Wharton School Publishing, and released May 2009. Fast Company Magazine named him one of its top 50 Innovators. He has been quoted in The Wall St. Journal, Forbes, Business Week, MSNBC, Supermarket News, and Progressive Grocer.